Which vessels do you use to blend your cuts and/or dilute your distilate?

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I'd like to see what kind of pots, tanks, et cetera you use for blending / diluting after distilling.


  • I collect in Ball Mason quart jars usually 400 to 800 ml cuts depending on where we are at in the run, when I proof I combine a couple of cuts in a half gallon Ball Mason jar to 1.5 litres, measure AVB then combine in a large proofing pot. Makes calculations really easy. Also use a large 250ml glass cylinder for the hydrometer so it is easy to read.


  • I do it pretty much exactly like Rossco details. As our distillery grows, we'll be using stainless totes on a scale.

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    I have a keg with the top cut off and a ball valve mounted on the side down low. It holds around 40l so is plenty big enough for blending and then i can just have on the shelf above my barrels to fill them.


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  • I use an 8 gallon stainless steel bayou cooker pot for blending amongst other uses like collecting stripping runs or filtering.


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