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edited December 2013 in Distillers Pub

My great thanks to @cooperville for the very fine bottle of scotch he made and sent to me in China from his home in Japan.
A delightful smoky peat flavor without any bitterness. A tipple best savored neat and at its' full bottle strength of 40% ABV.
This is the first bottle of whiskey that anyone has ever sent to me using StillDragon equipment and after only a few sips I've placed the bottle in my display case because it is too precious and special for me to drink. At least until I have a guest to share it with who could appreciate it.

It is the perfect blend of smoky flavor tempered by the natural sweetness of the malt. It is a classic example of making proper cuts; rich flavor yet smooth and it is obviously a bottle of heart. You cannot go to a store anywhere and buy something as good as this.

Coops, you rock!

If anyone else has received a similar gift please share in this Tastings and Meetings thread. We'd love to hear about it.



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    @Lloyd I'm so glad it made it to you in one piece something i was worried about at the post office things like liquor take about 5 phone calls to head office and some swindling to get through

    kinda like parking a car in japan

    I'm glad you like it

    it is drinkable but i think next time i will lay off the peat reek by half if you wanna drink it in the first 5 years i little too forward but this is definitely a light note

    unfortunately i have had to remove it from oak well before my original intentions

    i think it would be great for members to send you an addition to your shelf

    perhaps you will be heading to ikea before you know it

    I'm glad it made it and I'm am now sipping on the same bottle to appreciate what you are tasting

    i hope the Scottish bottle didn't throw you off as i thought that would be the best cover for customs

    next time i make a whiskey i will be working from Darek Bells "Alternative whiskeys"

    which for now is my base for recipes, a very concise addition to any home distiller

    since brewing this extract whiskey i have studied a hell of a lot from brewing beer

    let this be a bench mark

    as i would hate to send anything under a year old


    now to try and finish the liquor cabinet

  • nice book of Darek Bell's nice stuff in there having a go! Lets try something new or different right?

    It is what you make it!

  • not to sure what you mean @bentstick?

  • @cooperville said: not to sure what you mean bentstick?

    Derek likes to stray just a bit from tradition to craft a unique finish product. He like to think out side the box when it comes to recipes.

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

  • Ahh I see it's a great book as a guideline to make anything you want I'm not sure there is another book so defined as to state particular proven recipes I always enjoy reading through it for inspiration

  • Awesome tasting of Dareks stuff at this years ADI conference


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  • Did he happen to say how he aged with those particular woods? Sticks? chunks? Time? Ratios?

    I just got 8 different woods from Black Swan and plan to do a fairly large aging test, maybe even this weekend: 8 woods raw (BS Honeycomb) 8 woods toasted (BS Honeycomb) 2 Barrel Mill spirals (med and dark char) My own wood dominos (various combinations of med toast, dark toast, and charred)

    it's gonna be fun!

  • all items were smoked into barley, and a 100% smoked barley mash was done and distilled... yes, a lot of work... He also smoked into other grains, but barley was near the top overall, and for value was head and shoulders above the rest...

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    Don't know about all that but glad you guys have access to exotic woods and I envy you guys that can perform such tests.
    Was gifted a LOT of roasted hickory nuts in the shell and most were cracked open so soaking a half liter of corn liquor on them to see if anything good comes of it.
    Trying to eat the hickory nuts is just too hard to do and it takes the patience of more than mere mortals so hoping to re-purpose the flavor to a higher calling. Will keep y'all informed if it succeeds.
    (But for those that remember my rice wine experiment - it sucked. Please don't ask me to talk about it because it was my worst failure since asking Sara Ruth to the 7th grade dance).

    Sara, in my little mind, would approve of this test even she ahould be old and ugly by now :) (Her real name was changed from Sara Lee to Sara Ruth to protect her true identity because I'm a gentleman.)

    The roasted hickory nut flavor is incredible and I'm hoping it carries over.


    The jigger stopper on the flask is no accident. Unlike Sara WhatsHerName this actually worked out well. The jigger seals the flask and is handy when sampling.
    A smaller flask and the jigger is inverted or "bottoms down" and more sanitary but the bigger flasks need the jigger to have a quick rinse.

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  • Well I met cooperville yesterday for a bit of Chinese food in Japan if that makes any sense.He gave me two bottles which both are great.My friends and I tried them both and I think the UJ is my favorite but the scotch is excellent as well.Thanks coop we all had a great time with you and your family.Do come to the States to visit us. I'll make sure we have plenty of the apple pie on stock.

  • Thanks Chalmer and family we also had a great time I'm so glad we caught up in yokohama I have rarely had the chance to share my product so it's nice that you have had the chance to try it Next time we will have more time to examine the orange cream recipe @Chalmer have you got a link or something for the peach pie and the orange cream? Be safe for the rest of your travels big hugs go out to Piku

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