London IWSC

Hey guys. I just got my results from London. I entered 3 whiskeys and 1 gin. I have the results from two whiskeys and one gin and I got bronzes for all three. Waiting on the result for the last one. Thanks to every one on this board for your help over the years. Total tally so far 1 gold two silvers and three bronzes.


  • Brilliant, well done

  • Wtg!!

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  • Thanks guys. @Richard I take back everything I ever said about you Boety. Thanks @Smaug.

    If there is any feedback to add to the group knowledge here is it pays to have more than one flavor of whisky or whatever drink your making. If your quality comes up and you only have one recipe or one style then you can only enter once in a given competition in a given year. If you have half a dozen different styles then firstly you can offer decent tastings for visitors to your distillery and secondly you can put in multiple entries into competitions and accumulate some medals. I may have gone off the deep end a bit as I have made 48 different styles of whiskey so far and I have another 12 or so to go until my list is complete but most small distilleries should have at least 6 different flavors. I would suggest a lightly smoked single malt, a heavily smoked single malt, an unsmoked single malt with two different wood finishes and a couple of different style Irish whiskeys with different barrel finishes. And maybe a couple of Ryes if your in North America. Each distiller really has their own favourite style but it pays to have a variety of flavors.


  • THanks Crozzer mate.

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