Big Ass Fan Company Swamp Cooler For Sale

Hey gang, This thing is brand new.

Here is the skinny: I hired a guy that was not nearly as helpful as he represented himself qualified to be. Without my authorization the dude purchases this Big Ass swamp cooler without the understanding that swamp coolers don't really provide any real value indoors in the humid Florida summertime. To add insult to more stupidity, the dude also assumed it would be "cool" (see what I did there?) to run the swamp cooler with the bay doors shut,,,,in a warehouse that relies pretty heavily on the use of cardboard boxes for much of the organization of components. And of course the ultimate frustration was that I allowed myself to debate with this person on why swamp coolers are not the best solution in humid, tropical environments when one is trying not to add additional moisture content to one's paper products.

Anyhow, it is brand new and has not been at all used. I can ship it anywhere you like. The dimensions are: 62"W x 72"H x 28"D.

It has locking castors mounted on the under side and rolls very nicely. I (evidently) paid $3499.00

Make an offer.





600 x 800 - 92K
600 x 800 - 73K
600 x 800 - 35K
600 x 800 - 39K

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