Catador International Wine And Spirits Competition

Hey guys and gals.

Just a quick comment to say that I won a gold and two silvers at the Catador international spirits competition in Chile just yesterday.

The whiskey that won gold was a single malt that only had 5 months in the barrel and 6 months in the bottle. I am pissed off I didn't get the top prize but then again I didn't send my best whiskeys. A good mate of mine won the best whiskey. The other thing was I sent a imperial stout that was barrel strength which I thought was the best whiskey and that only got a silver. I think the judges were looking for more single malts not roasted complex whiskeys like an imperial stout.

Thanks to all on this board who have helped me along the way. I should look on the bright side. I have 3 international medals and I haven't even opened my distillery.


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