What does the temperature of the wash after be preheated in the top chamber?

Someone knows at what temperature they get wash coming to the first chamber after this one was preheated which will help me with the simulation.


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    So,,,I don't think there is just one way to run this still.

    For example, the operator can choose to render out ( nearly) all of the alcohol out of chamber 1 before initiating the liquid transfer sequence.

    Or, the operator can choose to allow a measure of alcohol to remain in chamber 1 during the transfer.

    Determining either choice would be done by chamber temp and/or pressure. Either choice will affect the temp in the pre heater. Either choice would render a different result in flavor profile and abv.

    As an aside, the original ASPEN modeling "said" our continuous still would preheat the beer to 172.4 F just prior to injection. However, we now know it's much closer to 180 F depending on who is running the still. My point is that the modeling doesn't really account for operating range.

    As a wild guess I'd say start with a temp somewhere between 172 and 180. Then adjust accordingly with practical data.

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  • The old 1910 IRS documentation says a heads cut is made (the drawing is a little hard to read, i can't make out the temps shown). My assumption is that they were preheating the beer charge to close to vaporizing (150f +/-) then that's when they drop the charge, heat it back up in the chamber below and make the heads, middle runs, and tails cuts.

    But I think like Smaug is saying, thats probably a lot to do what the operator is trying to produce.

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