What would YOU do?

Just got this "Caribbean" rum yeast and the ideal ferment temp is 68-77F?

Seems just a bit cold for typical rum ferments, no? Has anyone ever used this and if so what did you ferment at?



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  • Don't sweat it, at all.

  • Thanks @grim

    Just got a response from White Star and they said:

    The D497 is a cooler climate rum yeast, selected for medium ester production in northern climates. As a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, it can be pushed to 86F, but only with adequate nutrition and aerobic ferments. Distillers in Canada and northern USA states would struggle to maintain 86-100F fermentation temps, with little to no benefit to their rum washes.

    Guess I will see what it will do at 86.


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    Really, sounds more like a yeast strain selected for higher ester production at cooler temperatures. Perhaps something like an ale yeast (given the parameters they are highlighting), with the goal of mimicking Carribean rum at lower fermentation temps.

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