Continuous Column Stripping Plates

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Howdy all,

I'm working on my steam injection 4" continuous column (8 plates at 4" spacing (9 if i can fit them)) and I'm stuck on the stripping plates.... I've got a serious case of decision paralysis.

It looks like some Russians have had great success with dual flows but I can't get any details on the plate specs. Perfs with a downcomer also look like a solid option, but again it doesn't seem like anyone has worked out the hole size, how many, and down comer size to maximize a 4in columns capability... only extrapolating off larger setups (That I can find).

I picked up some 16g ss sieve plate with .25 hole on .375 offset spacing but after cutting them out to 4" it's like 58% open and I don't think my 4500w element is going to be enough to hold up that up long enough to strip the alcohol out.

I'm thinking about 44 3/16 (.1875)" holes with a 3/4 (.75)" downcomer. I'm willing to make just about anything, I just need a decent starting point.

Can I get your guys thoughts on how I should proceed?


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