Most profitable piece of equipment in the distillery

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Was doing some math back from day 1 around product profitability, underlying cost structures, boring business crap.

I present to you the single most profitable piece of equipment we've ever purchased:


That gin basket directly drove north of 24,900% return on investment (yes, you read that right, that's 6 figures of profit). Look, it's a little bit of an overstatement, but damn if we haven't produced thousands of bottles through that little damn thing, 48 bottles at a time (yes, we make gin like we bake bread, fresh daily).

Thanks StillDragon!

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  • Nice. So gratifying to hear.

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  • While I don't have the same numbers to calculate, I know it's doing well by us. I was looking to upgrade to a larger version soonish. Between a couple gins and aquavit it's helped us make a name for ourselves.

    Also daily gin? Dat's crazy talk!

  • Nice post!

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    I would agree. While i am not producing a lot of gin myself i donated my second gin basket with an extension to an order of catholic monks. Yes you read that correctly. Since they got it they are making 60l per day 4 days a week making excellent product and making money for the monastery. So thanks for selling me that @punkin. Actually i got them to make up a bogus vellum with medieval manuscript for my distillery describing a whiskey recipe from 1625. I will post a photo.

    Anyway so one of your gin basket is doing gods work. I need some of the god squad on my side to atone for the sins of my youth.

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    Here is the vellum. Didn't mean to hijack the thread @grim.


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  • Very nice! All your sins washed away.

  • I dont know about all of them but a couple would be good.

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