Control panel agitator contactor wiring?

I purchased a 400L still through Oak Stills and this controller was included. I am looking for your input on a few things. I do have everything wired up and working with the exception of the contactor that should turn on the agitator. As you can see from the front of the panel, there is an on/off switch for each of the 4 elements and one for the agitator. When I turn on the switch for each element they do work properly and the ammeter displays the amps drawn. Those 4 circuits work properly. When I turn on the switch for the agitator, the green indicator light comes on but the contactor does not activate and does not send power to the agitator motor. I can manually press the contact in and the motor works. I need some input to confirm the correct wiring of this part. Disregard the two loos black wires coming off the top of the contactor, I had them off during some testing.

Also, there is no master power switch, what method would work best to add one at this point?



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  • Sorry but this looks like a very suspect panel. The correct advice is ..... call an electrician.

  • The agitator switch should power the coil loop on the contactor, that's what pulls in the plunger and connects the input power to the motor.

    If you can press the plunger, and it powers the motor, it's the coil loop wiring - I can't see on the image, but it's usually marked A1 and A2. Appears it might be at the top.

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    What is that dangling wire on 5/L3?

    Lets see the switch. The interior panel side.

    The switches can be notoriously,,,,cheap.

    Check for power after the switch.

    If you bypass/ jump the switch will the contactor engage?

    Can add a disconnect before the panel / enclosure.

    You do have breakers in the panel also.

    Also cant see everything in the panel, but beware any green wire. Green is most certainly not a ground in a Chinese made panel.

    And finally, why is your vendor not providing you with customer support?

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  • I was able to sort this out. One of the wires from the switch to the contactor was on the wrong terminal. All working now.

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