pH Meters For Occasional Use

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Currently, my manufacturing levels means I need to use a pH meter 1 week in every 4 weeks. I have previously been using cheap Chinese pH meters from Amazon and calibrating them according to instructions, but they are pretty useless and I doubt I get more than 3 months use before I throw it away and buy another. They dry out in the air so I let them soak in water for 30 minutes before use.

The only reason I haven't bought a more expensive one is because I'm concerned that the 3 weeks I don't use it, it will degrade and effectively break. I contacted a vendor in the UK but I really didn't get a steer as to whether it would be OK leaving the probe in a proper storage solution for 3 weeks.

Does anyone have an opinion on this please?


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    Lots of the pen-style meters have the ability to pour storage solution in the cap. We've got a few of them that sit in a jar on the workbench. We have storage solution in a little squeeze bottle. Rinse it off, use it, once you are done refill and drop it in the jar.

    Got sick of replacing them, and once they dry out they'll never hold calibration properly.

    Probes are fine to store immersed, that's actually the preferred approach. Some of the commercial tips have storage caps with a bit of felt that you can soak, but won't necessarily spill all over when you open them. They also sell electrode storage bottles that standard sized electrodes fit into.

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    OAKTON Economical pH Waterproof Pocket Meter @

    Example on the cap with the fill line for storage solution.

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    Oh, and never, ever, store your probes in water for long periods of time, especially RO, distilled, or deionized water. That's a probe killer.

    Just a quick rinse in water is all you need before you measure.

  • I use pH papers instead of a meter. Horses for courses.

  • Perfect thanks @grim

    @crozdog - I'm using them to adjust pH when I build a fermentation. Don't the papers only measure integer granularity?

  • I use this to analyse my molasses wash:

    HI-981031 pH Tester for Beer

    Purchased direct from Hanna.

    Very happy with it. Put the probe directly into the wash - no need to take a sample.

    I rinse it after use and store dry.

  • Thanks @Homebrew. I'm going to get one of those. I've had a few cheap probes break after they dry out, so I plan to use some storage solution - just for belt and braces :-)

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