[AU/TAS] Sale: 18kW Steam Generator

New, never used.

3 phase, with 4 prong plug and 5m of cable (from memory)


Purchased for building a beer stripping column, project never proceeded.

Can be used for a still, stripping column, barrel steamer, sauna. You're limited only by your imagination.

I've seen smaller units sell for over $5,000 down here.

Product is located in Tasmania, Australia.

Details attached.

Specially modified by the manufacturer to allow for continuous steam with automatic descaling. Alternatively you can select an operating time via the programmable timer that is included.




18kW Steam Generator.jpg
592 x 763 - 39K
18kW Steam Generator Parts.jpg
742 x 558 - 33K
18kW Steam Generator Specs.jpg
739 x 435 - 71K
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