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What is the shelf life of the silicone gaskets?

edited February 2022 in General

Shelf life in a zip lock baggy?


  • At least several years.

    What gaskets are we talking about? 2"? 4"?

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  • All silicone gaskets, 2”, 4”,

  • Will putting them in ziplock baggies prolong there life.

  • Silicone is relatively stable, especially to common problems like UV and Oxygen exposure.

    It's good practice to store plastics cool, dry, dark, and sealed for maximum life. Though for silicone it's probably not necessary.

  • I've got ones I brought back in 2014 that I still use, no idea how old they where when I purchased them

  • edited January 2023

    Cant comment on shelf life in a plastic baggy , but can say that I'm still using Silicone O rings purchased from @punkin over 10 years ago in my sight glasses on a plated column that I built back then...........things done a lot of work now but the O rings are holding up just fine.

    If i take them out I see one flat side where the glass sits on them......other than that they are as good and supple as the day I picked them out of the mail box.

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