Element Guard Kit Cable

I'm new here so apologies in advance for whatever newbie error I'll inevitably make!

I've just purchased an Element Guard Kit and am looking for some information around the cables required to connect the element to the control panel.

I'm based in the UK and have a control panel that needs an American style L6-30 plug from my Camco 5500W ripple element. Essentially I need to find a cable that fits the SD guard kit with a L6-30 plug on the end - does anyone in the UK or Europe know where I can get something suitable?

Failing that, can anyone confirm that the cable gland in the kit is a PG19? From my research, it looks like they take 10-14mm diameter cables but I'm not 100% sure.

Any advice on any of this would be much appreciated!


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    Hi Geof,

    Yes the PG19 is the go.

    Here in the states you'll have needed a service cord that has 3/ # 10 conductors. Get the fine stranded conductors so that your cord won't be so stiff and uncooperative if you want to roll it up.

    The PG19 fits the 300 volt (SJ00W) service cord nicely. With the 600 volt the jacket on the service cord is too thick to match up with the PG19.

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  • Also, on your service cord, when you strip back the rubber jacket and expose the conductors, I would recommend the conductor length only needs to be about the width of the palm of your hand. 100 mm plus or minus.

    Any longer and you will certainly struggle to stuff the wires into the housing.

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  • Thanks. I watched the tutorial so everything you said makes sense. I just need to find a cord over here that fits!

    Does anyone know of a suitable SJOOW service cord (ideally with a L6-30 plug) that I can get in the UK or Europe?

  • I use 60309 connectors at the end of my element cord.

    I need to build these myself.

    Is it not possible to build your own cord using an L6-30 plug?

  • Yeah we will likely build our own cord using an L6-30 plug. What UK cord did you use and does it fit the element guard gland?

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    Bought this from Amazon:

    15m 4mm 3 Core Arctic Blue Flex Cable 3183AG 32 AMP

    I use it for all 60309 sockets.

    Ones connected to elements, extension cables, SSR controller boxes.

    Fits the element guard perfectly. The one in the image below was the element guard purchased from StillDragon.

    See image. In the image the brown live wire has come away from the terminal and needs re-doing.


    Camco element wiring.jpg
    800 x 365 - 34K
  • That's perfect, thanks so much.

  • I will add a few things.

    1. for everyone , check the connector terminal screws after the first use and a few more uses, I am not sure what magic is involved, and the screws don't 'loosen', but the terminals to always allow more tightening, and a loose connection generates heat and I and several friends have thrown away lots and lost of 30A plugs and receptacles on 22A 5500W elements...
    2. if you can, either use 50A plug or 8awg wire... I have my steam boiler keggle with 3x 5500w camco and SD EGKs and on one of the 3, I have one 8awg cord, and it is as cool as cucumber compared to the 2 10AWG cords.
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