Sherbert Flavours In Gin

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I've been playing round trying to get a good heavily juniper and citrus flavoured gin with sherbert notes.

Has anyone any good recipes for citrus sherberty gins out there?

Have searched the forum high and low. Thanks everyone for all your posts, they have been so helpful.


  • Like the frozen Ice cream substitute?

    When I think sherbert (orange for example) I think citrus, some vanilla, some kind of sweetening agent.

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  • To recreate the creamy part without the cream you can use lactic acid. I'm not sure there are too many sherberty gins out there. I did a quick google search and found a few but not many. I will admit I want to try this one:

    Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin @ the GIN is IN

    Not sure why but it intrigues me in a bad way.

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    Add a couple of gallons of milk to your kettle before your gin run. What could go wrong?

    You'll probably need to add citric acid to the gin to get the tart flavor profile back (and not just the citrus). pH of an orange sherbet is probably around 3.5-4. Likewise, probably need a hint of sugar as well to get the balance right.

    Butyl butyryl lactate is an interesting flavoring additive that might be interesting in this application.

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    @grim said: Add a couple of gallons of milk to your kettle before your gin run. What could go wrong?

    A whole heap of shit maybe? :D

    They say they vacuum distill the cream separately then blend the two. I kind of wonder what that means. What really bothers me is that they serve clots on scones with jam.

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    :) like the idea of milk, think I will give that a go and see the outcome. haha! scones and clotted cream are a taste sensation! has to be jam then cream, very important ;)

    was thinking of more the lemon sherbert flavors you get as powders so citric acid, vanilla and some extra sugar is a great idea thanks.

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