Small Distillery Setup And Ventilation

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Hey guys,

in the process of setting up my small (675 sq') distillery. I'll be using a 150 gallon baine-marie electric still.

My local authorities do not have much requirements due to the small scale of my business, but I'm trying to keep the facility as safe as possible and would like to have some adequate ventilation in place.

I'll be using an RKI- PS2 sensor tied to a wall mounted exhaust fan, but wondering there is a preferred height the fan should be mounted at since CO2 is heavier than air and would accumulate at floor level where the sensor will be placed.

Should the fan be placed lower towards the ground as well?


  • You worried about ethanol vapor, co2, or both?

  • I would place it high and make certain its an impeller so you giving positive pressure. Years ago in Construction classes at Uni I had a class on ventilation for distilleries. Given the size you are going to want to ventilate it and it comes down to air changes per hour. THere are two schools of thought mounted at the top of your space if its extraction your also taking heat out as well. But I am more of a fan of an impeller to provide positive pressure which pushes out heavier gasses that sit low to the ground, like CO2 and cold ethanol gas.

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