Oxidation In Shotgun Condenser

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Hi Everyone,

I purchased a short shotgun condenser a few years ago, the image is attached.

As you can see in the picture the far end of the tube looks like its oxidized, so I am concerned about this. I think this is happening due to the welds I guess.

Anyway I tried to clean it with vinegar, then with 10% citric acid mixture, it helped but not 100% there is still oxidation visible. I also tried to clean it with the green part of Scotch Brite, but whatever I do there is a section that still show oxidized.

So how can I fix this? Nothing seems to work, thought about sanding but I guess it would not be the correct way.

Also the top surface has been scratched, slightly do I have to polish it or leave it as is ? I mean does scratches create a problem or I can leave them as is?


600 x 800 - 44K
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