Shipping Alcohol in the UK

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Hi guys,

I'm a few weeks from getting my bottles printed and wondered if any UK distillers have any tips / recommendations on couriers please?

I'm only looking to ship rum to UK addresses currently (not internationally). For example, DPD allow alcohol shipping if you have an account, but you can't get an account until you're distributing a minimum of 15 shipments each week. For the basic "non account" shipments, alcohol is a banned substance! Other couriers explicit rule out liquid / alcohol shipments too ... So, I've got this gap until I'm shipping a number of single bottles reliably each week.

Thanks in advance for any advice


  • Both Royal Mail and Parcel Force will take alcohol.

    They have limits on both the strength and the volume.

    I believe Parcel Force is 1 litre, and limited to 2 items.

    You will need to check their site.

    I have used Parcel Force a few times recently when sending (full sized) samples to customers.

    I just send them from my local post office.

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    Actually for Parcel Force it is:

    1. Volume must not exceed 1 litre per item
    2. Maximum of 2 items per parcel

    That is for 24% to 70% ABV.

    General Prohibitions and Restrictions @ Parcelforce Worldwide

    I sent 4 bottles recently to a customer. I sent as 2 separate parcels.

  • Great! Thanks @Homebrew Not sure why I didn't think of the regular postal service ...

  • @JayTee said: Great! Thanks Homebrew Not sure why I didn't think of the regular postal service ...

    Did DPD indicate any pricing, once you hit 15 shipments per week?

  • No they wouldn't comment. "DPD online" doesn't permit alcohol shipment, so the pricing is on an account basis and bespoke to how much you ship. Royal Mail will suit me fine initially

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