6'' 10 sections configuration fine tuning

Hey guys,

I'm trying to better understand my plated column setup.

The setup consist of a 250L kettle with a 6'' flute column with 10 sections. Available power is 16500 watts. Usually I heat up using the whole 16500 watts, then I switch to 4400 watts to slowly fill up the flute.

Using 4400 watts and setting the reflux to produce 95%ABV+ neutral spirit, my take off rate is around 3.5L/hour. (I was watching @captainshooch pulling around 7L/hours in the 16 plates 4inches column setup)

How could I ramp up my take off rate while keeping my ABV at or above 95% to produce neutral spirit? Is it the usual take off rate for a 6 inches column?

Am I completely misunderstanding the logic?



  • What is the cooling media entry temp for the reflux condenser?

    What bubble cap system do you have?

    Sounds like you need to put more vapor in suspension and then also increase the reflux ratio.

    Also, 10 plates is not at all the same as 16

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  • Cooling media entry temp for the RC is 10 Celsius.

    The bubble cap system are the standard one, not the ProCap.

    If by putting more vapor in suspension you mean pushing more power, I get flooding. Like some vapor going up the downcomers.

  • Ok 10 C is very good. That should definitely keep your flow rate low. Does it remain 10C for the duration or a steady climb?

    You can substitute one of the bubble caps for a downcomer to try and get better hydraulic behavior.

    Honestly though, this is why we started producing the ProCap series.

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  • I just found out an answer from Loyd on a previous thread. I have the old style downcomers with a lot of "teeth". Loyd suggested to bend down every other teeth.

    On my 6" plate I have 3 downcomers and 8 bubblers.

  • Any updates on this?

    Seems the tooth modification would provide a marginal (at best ) improvement?

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  • Hopefully this helps, and I haven't played with 6" but have run my 4" setup pretty hard

    I'd have a play and running your reflux flat out see how much power you can run before you push past the condenser or flood the plates.

    If you push past the condenser at say 5000w see what abv your at and what the output speed is

    Then dial the power back until you hit the ABV your aiming for. May also help if you advise the charge 10% of your boiler

    With my 4" setup I can run my super RC at full bore and have 4800w running and still hit 95% out of a 10% boiler charge (that's with 7plates and a 510mm packed section)

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