Krupnikas Honey Spirit

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So I finally got around to making some Krupnikas which is a Lithuanian Honey Spirit. I had some once when I was in Poland on business and it was delicious so I have been hankering to try and make some of my own.

I found a recipe online which I based mine on and I thought I would share the details here as it couldn't be easier...

So the ingredients were (for approx. 2L yield)

  8   Whole Cloves
  3   Cinnamon Sticks
 10   Cardamom Pods
1/2   Whole Nutmeg (cracked)
  5   Allspice Berries
1.5   Tsp Black Peppercorns
  1   Tsp Fennel Seeds
  3   Inch Piece of Root Ginger peeled and cut into medium cubes
  2   Inch Piece of Tumeric peeled and cut into medium cubes
      Peel of 1 Orange
      Peel of 1/2 a Lemon
  1   Vanilla Bean, split in half and scraped
700g  Honey
  1L  Water
750mL 96% ABV Neutral

I heated up the water and honey until it was boiling then added everything else except the neutral spirit and let it simmer for 30-45 minutes (covered).

Once it had cooled down enough I added the neutral and put it in a bottle. I have read that its best to let it settle out for 6-12 months so I will do this as the one I had was more of a clear yellow and I can see it will taste better once its settled out over time.

Anyway the first batch tasted really good but I thought that maybe some juniper would make it better, so I made a second batch following the same recipe but added 10g of juniper berries.

I wonder if anyone else has made anything similar, how long have you left it for?




600 x 800 - 48K
600 x 800 - 50K
600 x 800 - 63K


  • That looks like a gawdawful amount of fresh ginger. Are you certain that’s correct?

  • With most of the ingredients I followed the quantities of a recipe I found online.

    I did forget to mention that I strained it all after I simmered it.

    I have a sneaking suspicion some of the quantities are going to be to high for my liking, the honey for example as I hate overly sweet things.

    My aim is to let it all settle out for a few weeks then taste it to see how things taste. I will then adjust things to taste as ultimately I want to make an Aussie equivalent with some native botanicals in it.

  • You can also look up Boilo and Barenjager. Similar ideas, different names.

  • Estonia has a similar thing "Honig Zirbe" No ingredients on the label just a picture of a hive, it's 35% abv.

  • I might try to add the honey at 'flame-out' to avoid losing a bunch of it's aromatics?

  • Krupnikas = Christmas in a bottle.

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