Fermented Grape Juice Concentrate Wash

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Has anyone done a wash from a fermented grape juice concentrate?

A bit far from grape producers as well as a lack of grape production logistics makes me think that this might be an avenue to explore.

I know @crozdog has done some experiments in the past.

So looking for suggested dilutes, yeasts, PH, temp etc.


  • @richard, I looked at it, but never proceeded. Have a look at the pisco thread, a couple of guys used concentrate for their pisco base. All my experiments were with wine I bought or was given. Trust me opening a pallet load of bottles and emptying into the still is not fun

  • The problem is a lot of concentrates add sulphides to the concentrate prior to packaging. I had a friend how looked into it in chile but ended up just getting pure wine from local farmers and maling a brandy. But its all in the pisco thread.

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