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Too late to add Go-Ferm?

I started a batch of moonshine 2 weeks ago and after 2 days of fermentation it went dead. It's been sitting in the bucket ever since. Is it too late to save with Go-Ferm or should i just toss it?

Recipe was

  • 10 lbs corn
  • 2-1/2 lbs barley
  • 12 lbs sugar
  • 28 turbo yeast

Thank you!


  • How sour is it?

  • Convert your grains? Or just sugar?

    Total volume?

    10 lbs of sugar and a turbo can finish fast.

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  • Check the gravity. If it's not done, repitch with a bit of nutrient.

  • Goferm is a yeast rehydration nutrient for getting yeast out of Active dry form and into fermentation mode when you are hydrating your yeast.

    Yeast nutrients are formulated differently to give yeast what they need for fermentation, usually for wine matrix.

    If your fermentation has gone more than 2/3 of its available sugar fermentation, then there really is no point to adding more yeast nutrient as the yeast will not be taking up more nutrients to finish the fermentation. At that point make up another batch and feed this batch into a bit at a time to see if that will finish it out.

    Main thing is to figure out why it stopped, or if in fact it really has. Daily density measurement will tell you that. It may just be done fermenting.

  • Taste it. Is it sweet. Does it smell ok.

  • Well, gave it a taste. it's still sweet. So I'll try to repitch the yeast with some goferm and see what happens. Thank you all and wish me luck! if you all have any mnore suggestions, please let me know. this is much different than brewing meads and wines!

  • I assume that temperatures have been fine/normal?

  • edited October 2020

    @Beerideas said: I assume that temperatures have been fine/normal?

    Yep. temp is at 80* which is good for the 28 turbo. Actually, a 1/2 pack of yeast, goferm and some fermaid k is getting ready as i type this. thank you!

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