Advice on running a steam-heated 900L boiler with a pot still

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a relatively novice pot distiller, I have a 1,000 or so hours making distillates on a couple of 120ltr alembic stills.

    We have just bought a 900ltr pot still and I am a bit nervous about the upscaling.

    On my tiny wee machines I had them sat on hot plates, watched the temperature gage and my hydrometer in parrot.

    Here I will now have a steam heating system and I want to know how to physically keep control of the boiler.

    Any tips are welcome.( please don’t be mean to an idiot nube)

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    @Westy, a basic globe valve is most common for controlling steam input. Pumping condensate back to steam boiler or gravity and a little pressure will be needed also. Though the latter provides less control over your kettle charge as it takes a few psi to send the condensate back to the boiler and with respect to precision control 3 or 4 psi can be huge.

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    Hey @Westy ....... so this is a jacketed still?

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