Overcooking Rye

So I keep hearing that you perhaps don't want to add your rye at the same time as the corn for the cooking stage when making a bourbon style whiskey.

When I ask why I hear that the longer time and higher temperature is the issue but no one can elaborate any further than that.

So what's the issue and mechanism?


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    How else do you do it? Pretty much every commercial bourbon uses rye that is unmalted and requires cereal mash.

  • From what I gather it's high temp for corn i.e. boil then drop to 80'ish for the rye addition then drop down again for the sach rest.

    Like I said, it makes no sense to me but I've heard it enough times now that I'm wondering what I'm missing.

  • I find that Rye is as stubborn as corn.

  • Yes thats why I am investigating malting my own.

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