Stilldragon Performance From Around The World.

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I am posting this thread in the hopes users will post up their performance figures so people can look and see how others run their equipment and to set some kind of parameters as to the capabilities of the gear.

I'd like to see posts where people describe their setup, number of plates, reflux condensor size, packing if any etc and then go on to describe their settings and output.

For instance, i know with two 2" long product condensors on an SD pot striping can take place using up to 10,800 watts and producing 21 litres an hour.

So if someone was going to post it may be along the lines of;

Dash 1 standard configuration, one 3600 watt element on full and one 2400 watt element on a controller turned down to 1/4 power. Hearts at 94% at 2.8l per hour from a 10% UJSM wash.

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  • That just sounds all way too technical for me Punkin :)) =)) =)) :-B

    see what i can do in future

    I really should take better notes @-)

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