Gin Basket Advice Appreciated

I just bought a StillDragon Gin Basket Kit which is in the mail. I plan to cut a 2" copper pipe about 1' long, solder copper ferrules to both ends and clamp that to the lid of a 13 gallon milk can boiler that has two 120V / 1500W heating elements. Then clamp a 2" 90° tri-clamp bend to the top of the pipe and the gin basket assembly to that.

Which of the 2 homemade condensers in the photos below do you recommend?

One is a Liebig, 26" long with a 1/2" inch copper tube inside jacketed with 1.25" copper tubing:


Second is a 3" diameter shotgun that is 18" long and has 21 copper tubes inside. That one has major knock down capacity but is heavy and needs to be supported from below. I am leaning towards that one but would use the Liebig if I could get away with it:


I just don’t know how much power and thus vapor is optimal when using the gin basket.

Any advice appreciated.


600 x 800 - 52K
600 x 800 - 57K


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