Bulk Carbon Suppliers in Europe

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Does anyone know a supplier of bulk activated carbon in Europe for filtering vodka?


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    I don't use activated carbon currently, but I did do a search a year or so ago. The problem was finding a supplier who didn't insist I buy a metric tonne! Since carbon can be reactivated, I think this was one of the cheapest I spotted:

    25kg - Activated Carbon @ Intra Laboratories

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    Commercial? You said bulk. Cabot/Norit.

    They will sell by the bag, it's not cheap stuff though. Best of the best. I don't know what their Europe pricing is, but US for high purity beverage use, you are talking about anywhere from $7-12 a pound, $350-700 a 50lb bag plus freight.

    I believe what they recommend is their NORIT PK 1-3 for Vodka, or their GAC1240PLUS at the 7 bucks a pound.

    Less expensive option will be talking with a water filter supply company, they can often source high quality food grade granulated carbon for water purification, that will work just fine if you are OK with a middle-of-the-road type option. Probably 1/4 of the price of Norit. Don't buy this from anyone who doesn't know what they are talking about, or can't provide a detailed specification sheet. Absolutely don't buy from anyone that can't verify what you are buying is virgin carbon, as regenerated/reprocessed carbon needs to be avoided at all costs.

    CABOT NORIT PK 1-3 Granular Activated Carbon Data Sheet (PDF)

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    Lots of good info here on building a very nice carbon filtration rig. You can piece this together from Stilldragon parts. Their pilot scale is the perfect size for small commercial.

    Surprised the Stilldragon crew have not purchased bulk from Cabot/Norit and repacked for smaller volumes. Suspect there could be a huge market for selling "the good stuff", that's not normally obtainable by the average person.

    CABOT NORIT Granular Activated Carbon Evaluation (PDF)

    00-004-GB GAC_Evaluation_Brochure rev4.pdf
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    Another option for lower quantities, is to find an obsessive marine aquarium supplier who is reselling NORIT ROX carbon. This is one of the best carbons made today, widely used for pharmaceutical purification. Norit ROX has a cult following among those who grow corals, so there are always a few suppliers that will repackage ROX. Just a few years ago, a single 25kg bag or ROX would wholesale for $1,000usd.

    It is not cheap.

    For example - in UK: Vertex ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon @ Marine Aquatics

    In US: Norit ROX 0.8 Carbon @ Avast Marine Works and BRS Bulk Premium ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon @ Bulk Reef Supply

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    Not sure how suitable the marine stuff is. I can see the grain size looks a lot larger than I'm using.

    Looking for something like this: Activated Carbon @ ProStill

    At least 1000 square meters per gram.

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    Looks legit. I base my carbon decisions on labels that look like bad prison tattoos.


    564 x 800 - 53K
  • Definitely legit.

    I've purchased carbon from them before.

    And my stainless carbon filters as well.

  • I got the norit from bulk reef supply before and liked it...

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    The Norit is really good stuff, but it is much smaller than you might expect.

    I did get my hands on a few bags on Nuchar SN from a big distillery that closed down near me. That stuff works great, but powdered carbon is a headache.

    They used it to turn railcars of ethanol into vodka. They slurried huge tanks and then filtered it out thought some huge plate/frame filters.

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