Making Cane Juice Rum: The Basics and Beyond - Crowdcast on April 10, 2020, 1pm EST / 10am PST

Topic: Making Cane Juice Rum: The Basics and Beyond

Guest: Jonny Ver Planck (Vagrant Distiller)

What You'll Learn: Distiller and consultant Jonny Ver Planck takes us on a deep dive into the production process of cane juice rum, from the process of sourcing cane to fermentation, distillation, and beyond. He'll also discuss what the future of the category looks like as more and more producers around the world begin crafting their own regional versions of cane juice rum. How feasible is it to produce cane juice rum in regions where sugarcane doesn't grow?

We'll discuss all this and more before opening the floor for Q&A, where you can ask Jonny anything.

About Jonny: Jonny has decades of experience that include time as a distillery owner, head distiller, and now consultant to producers all over the world. After starting Rocheport Distilling Co. in Missouri, he went on to help Three Roll Estate get started in Louisiana as one of the largest producers of cane juice rum in the U.S. His most recent project is Vagrant Distiller, a new rum brand featuring a series of limited releases that Jonny produces as a visiting distiller at different distilleries across the globe.

Hosted by: American Rum Report

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