Baby Crystal Dragon Flooding

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Second run of Baby Crystal Dragon (first run cleaning) had everything going well with a great constant trickle after 2.5 hours (apart from ABV only75-80 % when l always get 94% off old column).

The top 2 sections flooded very quickly after adjusting valves, about 10 mins got it back to normal but ABV dropped to 25 to 30%.

Just wondering as I had not touched anything, that something happened with mains tap pressure.


  • 4 Plate BabyDragons were never intended to pull 94%. 4 plate BabyDragons make whiskey, rum, and brandy.

    How many plates on your BabyDragon? How many plates (theoretical or actual) on your other column?

    Top plates flooding often means too much heat input. Slow down and make your adjustments to heat and coolant flow much more incremental.

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