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Hello from Portugal

Hello all!

Currently saving up for my first still. Here in Portugal almost everyone makes their own aguardente in old stills handed down through their family or came with the house when purchased. I wasn't so lucky unfortunately. So while I'm saving I thought I should join up and learn more. I hope you guys don't mind all my questions :)

Thank you


  • Bem Vindos @slaixfire. There is no such thing as a dumb or bad question here. Everyone has screwed up a few times on most things. Well at least I know I have. Its a pretty friendly bunch and SD gear is the best you can get.

  • Welcome @salixfire

    Hope you'll find plenty of help here.

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  • edited December 2019

    Welcome. Tell us more about aguardente?

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  • Welcome, you'll find all you're looking for right here.

  • great to meet you. Don't be shy

  • Thank you for your lovely welcome :)

    @punkin aguardente is the general name for distilled spirits here. Aguardente is generally made from whatever the person is growing. There's a couple of specific aguardentes: vinica (distilled from wine), bagaceira (pomace from wine making), medronhos (strawberry tree/arbutus), ginja (liqueur from sour cherries and aguardente) and velha (aged aguardente). It also is used to fortify port. Quite frankly the term aguardentes could mean anything from vodka to tequila :p

  • I was looking around a little while ago and there are a couple of small whiskey locations in Portugal right ?? And you guys drink a lot of cachaca from Brazil correct ??

  • Boas Festas! Boa Ano Novo! Sorry for my lateness of reply, the holidays interfered.

    @DonMateo yes I believe there are a few whiskey places around. Cachaca isn't popular in the area I live (central), I think that's more for the areas closest to Lisbon/Porto.

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