Still Design Question

edited December 2019 in Configuration

Hi guys,

Currently busy working out a design for a still with both pot still and high-reflux characteristics. Currently looking at a 4" Crystal Dragon on a 150L vessel. Would this (possibly with additional segments) give close-to-azeotropic when running in high-reflux using the dephleg, while still flavoursome alcohol when not (or hardly) using the dephleg at all? or will either of those be sub-optimal?

Alternatively, I was thinking of using one of the 2" ports (or both!) to fit a simple pot still column, for stripping or whiskey while having a crystal on the main 4" port). I guess I would need a valve at the top so I can run it in pot still mode. Not sure if this makes any sense :P. Or, maybe even Tee halfway on the column?

Maybe I'm overcomplicating things.. :) Appreciate your input!


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