Micron Level Filter for Gin

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For those of you using a vacuum filler for bottling (like the Enolmaster) what micron level filter are you using at the final stage before the liquid reaches the vacuum filler?



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    Think about what you might be filtering from finished gin.

    You shouldn't have any real particulate that you need to worry about, aside from a small amount of potential dust or otherwise that may have drifted in. Having been distilled - there shouldn't be much there other than what you let get in.

    You can probably get by just fine with something like 1 micron. No need to go absurdly tight, because it's not likely there is much particulate smaller than that.

    Even going as low as 0.2 micron, there will be zero flavor impacts.

  • I use 1 micron with the enolmatic.

  • Cheers.

    Single or dual filter (i.e. different micron levels)?

    I'm planning on using a single filter.

    @Grim - correct, this is to just catch any foreign particles. Must not change the character of the liquid.

  • Yep - filtering gin, even a 0.1 micron would probably last damn near forever.

  • I use a 1 micron filter on my Enolmatic

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