Double Rum

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Playing a little bit of catch up today, tried a different technique on the dark rum wash.

Instead of mixing wash for one fermenter, decided to mix for two fermenters, adding water to each fermenter to top up.

Dumped 4 drums of molasses and mixed to 540 gallons using water and 110 gallons of backset. Ran a quick pasteurization (funky backset) - 140f for 30min. Split the wash across two fermenters and topped with water for 2x 540 gal.

Timing wise, longer, but the fermenter fills were pretty slow. I should have pre-filled the fermenters with water and set them to chill. Would have saved much more time - pasteurization cool down and fill, and the process would have been a breeze.


  • my water is slow also, I use a 110 plastic conical on wheels, but for you, maybe fill 2 totes stacked and tied together with a centrifugal on them to pump from it to your fermenter at a faster rate?

  • Wondering if I can really optimize by pre-filling the fermenters with water the day before, setting them to chill down to 50f.

    Then, only mixing and pasteurizing 220 gallons of molasses with the 110 gallons of backset. Splitting that 330g mix across the two fermenters filled with 750g of water.

    That'll give me a blended temperature of 84 degrees if the molasses mix is sitting at 160f.

    The heat time should be substantially faster, using just steam injection into the 330g and not adding any hot water. I can adjust final pH in the fermenter, then pitch yeast.

  • Yep... and molasses has lower heat capacity than water, and if you dump 33-50% the molasses with a 12 hour delay for a lower starting OG, you might get a faster fermentation and lower FG... and you can pitch the smaller amount of molasses hotter, so less wait, then the remaining molasses will cool 12 more hours...

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