Two nagging questions on fermentation, carbon and urea

Two separate questions.

On using fertilizer grade DAP (specifically and only Diammonium Phosphate containing) and or urea in the pills form. What are the realistic downsides? I have tried it. And with a small dose (100-150g per 200L wash) and the right recipe it doesn’t seem to throw "off" flavors, but it does help the sugar/panella and "other nutrients" wash ferment along by bumping nitrogen over the line. I’ve ordered some food grade DAP but it’s expensive and a pain to get it delivered and through customs. This is actually a big benefit to cost for us. The expense/cost to obtain food grade vs fertilizer grade is quite high/liter.

What’s the nitrogen source in the wine/distillers DAP? Is urea safe? What dangerous things introduced or created with fertilizer grade could be passed through 2 runs in the column? Is there a serious product liability issue? WHAT COULD I DO TO MITIGATE THE RISKS?

Second question. I found a product by still spirits called liquid carbon. I’m assuming it’s activated charcoal crushed and suspended in water in a convenient dose sized package.

Who has tried this? Does it work? What are the benefits? Cost benefit analysis?


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