Structured and random column packings

We had some interesting discussions about random packings here.

I’ve been looking for something a little better than mesh or scrubbies. I’ve tried some 6mm ceramic rashig rings but they were too slow for me.

I’ve looked as the super rashig rings but the HETP is around 280mm/11” which is a bit excessive for me as I’m not doing on-grain just yet and want to get more plate equivalents in the same height if I can.

This brings me to something like Pro-Pak which provides HETP closer to 2” in a 4” column.

My problem with this is that I am weak on the fluid and vapor dynamics and the information provided by the manufacturers varies to the point that comparing them fairly gets tricky.

  • Do I want more liquid hold up or less?
  • Do I want more free space or less?
  • If I want to maximize vapor movement AND rectification in a 4” what should I be looking for?
  • Are good old 8-12mm stainless rashig rings the solution? What about helicoils? Spiral preformed packings?

I’m having a hard time finding objective comparisons of media with high HETP.

Can we aggregate some good information and studies in this thread

Info RASCHIG Super-Ring-250.pdf
Study of random column packings.pdf
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