Where to buy used Barrels in Europe?

Hello all good distillers,

Does anyone know a supplier of used barrels in Europe. We produce rum that we store on used whiskey, port wine, sherry and similar barrels. We use 150 - 250 liters barrels. We usually buy 3-5 barrels at a time and buy about 20 barrels a year. Please write if you can recommend a good supplier in Europe.

Best regards Carlo


  • Check these guys, broad range good service: www.wineoakbarrels.com

    They are located in Serbia and know their business. New barrels at very competitive prices, used barrels also available in a side range. I am fan of their acacia barrels mildly toasted, keeps the florale nota's in the whisky, 100% organic triticale. Always nice to do business with them.

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