Is this even Angelica root?

I just got a batch of Angelica root from my organic supplier, it seems different. Less dry and more pungent.. supplier is organic herb trading. The smell reminds me of an Indian spice but I can't place it.

I am not sure it's even Angelica root as the last batch I got was darker, less fibourous, more "twig" like, less "indian spice" like.



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  • light is new,. dark is old


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  • i have placed the smell, it is clove.. the new stuff smells like cloves. The old smells musky and sweet.

  • I’ve wondered the same thing but for me left/light is the old, the right/dark is the new.

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    The photo on the left looks like what I get from Monterey Bay Spice Company.

    I suspect the difference is probably due to the size (diameter) of the roots. Larger roots would create more heartwood in the grind. Smaller roots would produce more of the darker bark in the grind.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • The one on the right looks like the one I have always used. Admittedly it is not organic.

  • The organic Angelica I always use looks like the right.

  • @needmorstuff Same thing happened to me. Two different varieties of Angelica Root, the one on the left is "Angelica archangelica" and the one on the right is called "Angelica sinensis" or Dong Quay.

  • thanks for the replies everyone, I only just got a notification for this.. so apologies for lack of replies. Well I am using it now and I can't really tell all that much difference if I am honest. The one on the left is most definitely not "old" it is very fresh and moist. The irght is like dried up bits of twigs.

  • Which one tastes better?

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • just following up.. to further compound this I have changed still and with the new still i am getting some earthiness coming through.. its fine after a good airing but with the old still and old angelica it was easier to get the product on point straight away..

    I am going to get some Angelica sinensis to see if that get's me back to where i want to be.. it's twice the price of Angelica archangelica so that is a good sign, i think.

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