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Well my mechanical build is at an end. This is the insulation going on. I have used armourflex. Finnicky material as it tears easily. If I was to do it again I think that I would use another.

I am now busy with the multiple electrical and instrumentation panels build for all Ex requirements.

I have stuck all my prior purchased instrumentation basically in the dustbin because I had not prior considered Ex requirements. What an expensive mistake.

An example of costs for this, an Ex level switch from my supplier increased by 7.1 times the cost from that of my standard level switch. Then the whammy for this is that you further need isolation barriers for each and every device installed and for these I am wetting my pants as the costs are huge. Now I know why manual options are interesting.




452 x 800 - 60K
452 x 800 - 62K
452 x 800 - 62K


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