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Between collection containers, airing out, proofing, ect, when its time to bottle i need to get rid of small particulates n them stinking suicidal fruit flys!!!

A coffee filter is just slow n driving me nutz. Any suggestions or methods?
I just want to filter small particulates not strip flavour or color.

What u guys doing?


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    For white spirits filter at like .5-.1 micron, for dark spirits you can be around the 1 micron mark.

    Going down to .1 micron makes spirits sparkle and look bright, even dark spirits - but it’s overkill there. If you use carbon, you want to filter sub micron.

    You need a filter housing and cartridges.

    None of these impact flavor.

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    @grim said: If you use carbon, you want to filter sub micron.

    Why is this? Adsorption is a function of contact time not pore size, isn't it?

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Nah, just to remove carbon fines.

    Depending on your carbon type you might have more or less, but no matter how much you rinse, they are still there.

  • I started doing it after seeing a light coating of incredibly fine particulate on the bottom of my bottling tank.

  • If it's just bugs use a chux cloth. Don't know if the brand name translates out of Aus but the kitchen cloth style will allow full flow and filter lumps.

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  • Also try use a Polypropylene filter cartridge and never Nylon. With a housing you can apply pressure and a suitable flow rate will be the result.

  • I found a cartridge filter that hooks to a corny keg and u use co2 to transfer . Think i will go that route . Wasnt looking to use a pump

  • @Scottystraub do you have a link to that filter?

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    @Drywall_Dan said: Scottystraub do you have a link to that filter?

    This was my inspiration
    Beer Filter Kit - 10 in. Canister Filter @ MoreBeer

    But i went to home depot n got the canister n filter . I already had hose and corny connections . I used it today for a gin . Filters r a couple bucks . I just tossed the filter after . Worked good .

  • I bought the stainless steel version with some filters for using with high proof spirits, for when I am in production. I have been using the same thing that connects to the Enolmatic bottling machine. Which I just love.

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