Thickness of end caps?

I have a small project in mind that requires a 4" end cap i will be drilling a few holes into it and would like to know the thickness of the end cap so i can add grommets as seals into the holes are all end caps the same thickness?



  • The 4" caps i have in stock are all approximately 6mm thick. The 3" ones are around 4.5mm.

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  • Ok awesome this will give me some thing to work with I have a prototype in mind nothing fancy but just a good setup will keep you posted

  • I'm not sure if I have the end dimensions correct, Punkin, can you please check?, then I can upload a proper drawing.



    4in end cap.JPG
    584 x 339 - 21K
    4in end cap bevel dimensions.JPG
    666 x 462 - 24K
  • I only have a dodgy set of calipers that were a gift from a certain person who was sick of seeing me measure everything with a steel tape...but to the best of my ability ...

    8 is 9mm approx 4 is 3mm 3 is 3mm 2 is 2mm and assuming 1 is total dia 119mm

    all approx.

    what happened to 5, 6 and 7?

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  • Coop, if ya need me to draw up something custom for you, no problem.... just PM me.

    In the mean time, enjoy this custom 3d PDF endcap....

    4inch end cap - cooperville.PDF
  • thats cool LoO

    It is what you make it!

  • Well this is an interesting topic.

    About 3 months or so ago our end cap supplier asked us if we wanted the "regular" or "thin" end caps. I never knew there were options!

    Of course I want the thin! Less shipping weight for everyone and, after all, we are not working with high-pressure.

    The 3/4" end cap is 4.52mm thick and weighs 16 grams. 1.5" regular is 6mm thick, 76 grams. Thin is 4.73mm and 66 grams. 2" regular is 6.42mm and 136g. Thin is 4.61mm and 104g. I only have one kind of 3" and assume its the thin at 4.63mm and 219g. 4" is 8mm and 592g. Thin is 5mm and 412g. Out of 6" at the moment so can't record the information here. 8" is 8mm and 2.273Kg, I'm sure that's the thin.

    The price of thick or thin is virtually the same. The big difference is the shipping. So often an express shipment is just a few grams over the kilo mark and another Kg is added to the shipping costs. Around here 12.01 Kg is billed as 13Kg. It's not fair but it is what it is. So trimming even a few grams can save the customer $7 to $16 depending on where the express shipment is going.

    Whenever possible I try to remember to order the thin end caps.

  • I agree there would be no need to have a thicker than nessecary option for what we will use them for Loo the drawings you are creating are just awesome to say the least i take it you are a draftsmen if not then perhaps you should be B-)

  • naa, other end of things, Estimator for sheet metal cabinets, so do this all day...

  • busy at work doing whatever you can not to do work hey i like your style !! I-)

  • I use this as a generic dimensions guide.

    Tri Clamp dimensions.pdf
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