Gin Basket Botanical Ratio Question

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On page 22 of the operation manual, it says: 25g to 40g per liter of spirit.

Does it mean finished spirit at 40% - 45%?

If so, for 5 liters of neutral (94%) it would be around 250g to 400g in the botanical basket for10 liters of finished spirit. Am I interpreting it correctly?



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  • @birzzz you got that right.

    I like my gin to be botanical forward. You might not, however by doing a strong botanical run, you can then "stretch" the gin with good clean neutral. Alternately you can run a lower ratio.

    The figures are purely a guide to starting to work out what works for you.

    Have fun making gin there are soooo many permutations you won't get bored ;)

  • Thank you @crozdog much appreciated.


  • You need to do some test runs to chexk how are your botanicals. For example my first batch of juniper i used i need 20 gramsper litre. The next batch of juniper i got my hands on was really strong and for the same flavor i need 15 grams. The best way to test a recipe is to make a 1 litre bottle of it , ie add 1l of filtered water with you botanicsls and 40% alcohol, then heat cycle. Ie heat up to about 50 deg. The let it cool and put in the freezer. A couple of days and you will have something pretty close. The final vapor infused gin will be a lot cleaner but with a masceration test run you wiĺl know if one of your recipe components is too heavy. Gin is such a personal thing to make. But its great when people drink it and like it.

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