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Hi all,

Love gin and would love to make my own.
StillDragon has so many options for kits.

How much would a basic setup be?


  • Welcome @Chris and feel right at home here. Our community features a lot of Gin specialists. Have a look at

    The StillDragon® Gin Basket Operation Manual

    for some more insight, as well as

    The Big Gin Thread

    and a

    Tag search for "Gin"

    Once you have made up your mind about the way you want to go, have a look at the website of your appropriate StillDragon® Distributor for ordering the desired products:

    StillDragon Europe

    For any questions you can not find answers for, do not hesitate to reply to an existing discussion or start a new one.

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    Get a T500 boiler (25 litre) and then build a pot still from Still Dragon parts. I've priced it around €475 in Europe, excluding the boiler.

    Sure you can use the Still Spirits condenser for much lower cost, but the Still Dragon configuration is much better.

    That is what I plan to buy for my development still once I have my licenses.

    I will use a 100 litre still for production.

    I don't think you can beat the T500 boiler for value. Least I've put in it is 5 litres.

    Would recommend you do maceration (for botanicals) or botanicals directly in the boiler, before you experiment with vapour infusion.

  • I would recommend you read the Gin Basket Operation Manual and Big Gin Thread linked to above. The questions you haven't even thought of yet (but will) are already answered in those.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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