Mould on Filter - Recoverable?

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I used my enolmatic filler and filter to bottle some product a few weeks ago, pulled some water through it to clean it, rinsed it - then left if to dry.

well thats not good enough! it has developed mould on the lower edge.

So - I am fairly sure I should throw it in the bin but happy to hear otherwise.

Also - what's the correct advisable protocol after use? store in alcohol? store in an acidic solution, such as starsan?


  • ok this article looks good, essentially clean after use by filtering PBW through the system. Then run water through it. Then run an acidic solution through (starsan). Storage is in "cheap vodka" so watered down NGS should do.

    any thoughts on my contaminated filter? run this protocol to clean it - or too risky - ditch it and get another.

    this is for a commercial product so i need to be ultra safe!

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    Ditch it.

    If it grew into the filter material, it's going to be impossible to clean it out.

  • agreed, did you manage to view the protocol? does it look ok.

    my supplier sold me a 5" filter housing, be damned if i can find replacements.

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    actually.. i think this is a match.. I was looking for the exact same "supagard DOE 1 micron" but tis one seems to be ok.

    GE Purtrex 4 7/8" Spun Sediment Filter @ Best4PureWater

  • If that fits, find a cheaper bulk supplier and treat it as disposable.

  • Agreed. Less messing about!

  • Nice solution is to run 2% caustic throught the filter (flowing) and at temp approx 80 deg C. Rinse and then leave in sterilant or similar. Do not let it dry out.

  • Do not use that cartridge unless its home use. It breaks down and further is not suitable for high end process.

  • What catridge is suitable for commercial use then? Filtering gin to remove dust etc

  • I changed out the Enolmatic filter housing that using proprietory filters for a stock standard water filter housing using filters that cost 1/10th the price.

    I then have one housing for each product type.

    Leave the filter full of the product you are bottling and only change the filters after each batch has been completely bottled (thousands of bottles later). No need for filter cleaning, they are disposable. Unless you buy a stainless filter, then you have that for life and yes, clean it.

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    I didnt get the enolmatic one.. it is a 5" one on this page.. the 28 series @ Amazon Filters.

    So you use a standard 10" water filter housing with what type of filter? the poly ones I find in the "water filter" section obviously state for use with water.

  • I use standard 10" PP filters. Ethanol v water...PP is compatible with both ;)

  • wound or spun? or doesnt it really matter...

    I guess richard wasnt referring to them when he said "Do not use that cartridge unless its home use. It breaks down and further is not suitable for high end process."

  • Context is important. PP has Excellent chemical resistance to ethanol and for my spirit applications I've not seen the filters have any problems. Would I prefer SS? Yes, but PP is a fraction of the cost ($5 v $500), easier to get my hands on and does the job just fine for now. Longer term, SS works out much cheaper, but for now PP will do. It also means I have no harsh chemical cleaning regime to worry about.

  • Filter housing may be stainless but I’ll guarantee that the carts are PP.

  • So either way, it’s still PP

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    @grim said: So either way, it’s still PP

    I was under the impression the SS ones made by Tenco use SS for the filter part:
    Stainless steel filter cartridges @ Tenco

    I'm planning to use those. Anyone have a reason why not?

  • 5 micron? That’s on the big side for me.

    That’s ok for pre-filtration bottling, assuming that you’ve done final filtration/polishing prior.

    There to catch any accidental particulate as a last line of defense.

    We filter everything sub-micron, usually .2 or if t touches carbon .1.

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    They sell these as well:
    Fiberglass filter cartridges @ Tenco

    Down to 0.2 micron.

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