Cooling again! Header tank?

Hi - I'm currently working out what I'll need to provide adequate cooling (in a future proofed way). I'm leaning towards storing enough water in order that I don't need to have a radiator / fan combo. I'm thinking about using 2 x 720L water vessels joined together at the bottom with a pipe and taking the feed to my Still from the base of one of these vessels. The return point will be the top of the second vessel - opposite to where I'm drawing water. I think this makes sense, but someone please shoot me down if not!

A friend believes I should additionally have a header tank - may be 50L to 100L with 2 x ball valves such that the lower one (near the bottom of the header tank) is mains water fed and only kicks in if the pump for the 2 x water vessels breaks etc. and the level drops extremely low. In addition to increased safety, he views the benefit as a gravity feed to the Still (so having a predictable flow). I think I should be able to get a pump which switches on and off whenever the upper ball valve in the header tank demands more water - so it means I wouldn't have a 350W pump always trying to pump against a stopped down needle valve on the Still.

Is all this overkill and unnecessary? I'd really appreciate any practical advice please! :-) I could just go with the 2 x storage vessels and the 350W pump, but then that pump will be always be switched on. Is that an issue?


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