Heating Element for 50L Boiler


The 50 litre boiler has an external diameter of 350mm.

Does anyone know the maximum length of element that will fit inside?

This one is probably too long:
AIICIOO Water Heating Element with Plug 1.5” Tri Clamp Flange 240V 5500W @ eBay

Wonder if this will fit?
AIICIOO Water Heating Element with Plug 1.5” Tri Clamp Flange 240V 5500W @ eBay

Also the tri-clamp on this is 1.5", not the 2.0" on the boiler.

Can it be made to work or should it strictly be a 2.0" fitting on the element?



  • Think I've just answered the question about the fitting.

    The element guard kit (EG1) has the 2.0" tri-clamp and 1" thread for the element. So I need an element with a 1.0" thread.

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    OK, so what is the recommended element for the 50 litre boiler?
    If I look on Camco's site, there is a very large number of elements on there.

  • Camco 02965 5500W ULW brewers element; or 02964 (same but different package); or 02954 4500W.

  • I would do 2 4500 stainless dernord elements, less scorching...

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    @squeakyclean - thanks, that narrows it down a lot.

    @CothermanDistilling - the 50 litre boiler only has 1x element port, I don't want to drill and weld another port.

    These elements seem impossible to get in Europe.
    Has anyone purchased them in Europe?

  • @Homebrew : I bought them several times from amazon.co.uk (sold by Camco itself), 02964 shows one available now. But look on amazon.com and it's a lot cheaper, they also send to Europe.

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    I could probably save myself a lot of hassle if I just go straight for the 100 litre boiler. Does anyone know:

    1. Minimum fill - with single element using the lowest element port
    2. Maximum fill


  • I've imported my elements from the US. I'm pretty sure I saw ASCIIOO elements of the correct thread size on Amazon UK but I bottled out in the end, because everyone recommends the Camco ones. Check out the "Electric Brewery" in the US. I bought 2 x Camco 02965 - their website discusses the different models. Amazon US is probably cheaper but 02965 may be more corrosion resistant, according to what I've read, and I didn't find that on Amazon.

    I'm currently getting the power sorted out in my building next door, so when I'm ready to do the vinegar run in about 2 weeks, I'll be able to confirm the minimum fill (I bought the 100L milkcan).

  • OK, thanks. Please let me know the minimum fill.

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