Fusel Oil Separation

Having troubles with fusel oil separation. Using soft water to separate fusel and it's not separating. We instaled a vertacal decanter and it doesn't have a oil band that floats at the top. F.o proof is at 135 at 40gph water is at 120 gph both entering at the center of the decanter.


  • It will only separate above certain concentrations. If its to little it will stay in the alkohol / water Phase. Last chance is to put itin the fridge or Freezer.

  • How do you separate fusel oils? What's a vertacwl decanter? How do you use it? What's F.o proof and gph?

  • Its 2 vertacal tanks that are about 300 gal per tank connected to each other, water and fusel oil enter at the center. The water and alcohol will got to the bottom while the concentrated fuse oils float to the top. The proof of the f.o leaveing the still is about 130 proof. With a f.o cut about 40gph.

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