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[SOLD] 100L Still + 100L Fermenter

Professionally built Stainless Steel 100L Still complete as shown in photo and including 2 x electric elements... all on a mobile stand.

Only used once (cleaning run only)

Custom Built brand new (never use) 100L Stainless steel Fermenter complete as shown in photo.

Selling due to ill health, not supposed to consume alcohol any more.

Looking for sensible offers...

Can email you full size photo to interested people.


600 x 800 - 131K


  • Lovely fermentor. Just wish it were this side.

  • Hi minimike, I will message you for details.

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    That's a beautiful little rig. Love the wheels.

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    $3000. for the lot... will throw in new StillDragon Gin Basket.

  • Hey Minimike, Where are you located in Oz?
    When I worked in Africa I used to have a pygmy accountant working for me who was called minimike. But he was 3.6 and 35 years old if you can believe that story.

  • Hi minimike, yep I'm keen. I tried to message you but didn't get a response. I would love to get your number somehow so I can ring you up for a chat. I'm from Tassie, so I will need to make some arrangements for me to come up to collect.

  • Hi MiniMike. Real bummer about the medical issues. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease :( . I am a new member and just joined up. Been brewing beer on and off for years but now I'm retired I'm thinking I'd like to have a go a doing some spirits. If it's still available, I love to have a chat with you about, whether there are issues for newbies etc. Hope the ill health comes good and you can take it up again. Caio.

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    Hi @MiniMike, is this still available? Thanks.

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    Hi @Kazaliia, I bought this off Mike late last year. While I'm very happy to have it if you are a beginner like me I would recommend going for a 50L milk can and 4in column like this from @punkin. 100L sounds great in theory but it means your mistakes are twice as big, heat up twice as long and spirit runs take FOREVER.

    The build quality is OK but it is streets behind the quality of the SD gin basket I have.

  • Is this still up can you pm me

  • edited June 2020

    @AZZA1984 said: Is this still up can you pm me

    I guess we'll never know, because @MiniMike was last seen here in September 2018 and his email address is not valid anymore, so he did not receive a notification by email with your reply to this thread. :(

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  • Or you could read my reply to Kazaliia above...

  • @Dreamer said: Or you could read my reply to Kazaliia above...

    Oh, totally overlooked that. Thread marked as sold and closed.

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