Cleaning Transfer Hoses

Wondering how commercial and craft operations do this.


  • Running caustic cleaning solution in a loop?

  • And at 85 deg C and 2% solution for at least 30 to 45 minutes followed by hot water at 85 deg C until all caustic trace is gone.

  • Any suggestions for one at the hobby level. Have done the near boiling water loop and a sterilant rinse.. Should I be doing something different? Thanks

  • Mash or spirit?

  • You can pick up PBW and other caustic cleaners at hobby scale, look in the 5-10 pound range for reasonable prices. I use it for cleaning my homebrewing gear with domestic hot water and brushes to good results. Granted, I'm only dealing with a couple feet of 1/4" clear tubing.

    If your transfer lines are too long for a long wire-handled brush to handle and a simple loop isn't doing it, you can also look into hose pigs. I've never used them, but I would assume they work well given how often they come up.

  • Thanks @RobertS

    @grim both. Not really having problems, just using pumps more often for different things and thought I should educate myself so I ask you guys. Thanks.

  • Two additional items to consider;

    • Ideally, you need to have a flow velocity of 3m/s whilst cleaning hoses.
    • When you are not using hoses, store them in a sterilant bath.
  • @Pa_bon i just did my 1/2" hoses over the weekend. Mixed a 5 gallon batch in my boil kettle and circulated with my pump while heating it. Got my silicone from scungy to shiny.

  • @richard We store our hoses dry and do a full loop before and after each use. Might be less chemical efficient, but it removes any stress of 'did anything happen in storage' or 'did this get put away clean'. Granted, both of those are much less likely to be a worry when you don't have several people using the same equipment.

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