I'm doing multiple back to back stripping runs with apple cider 6.5% ABV (approx.).

No problems so far, I've tried with 3 empty T's, 1 x 510mm Column packed with st/st scrubbers and the PC = 8L at 33% mixed.

Tried the same config but added the RC and collected 4.5L at 58%.

I intend to mix the lot and some water maybe for volume and do a spirit run with 6 bubble plates and both condensors.

Two questions:

  1. Which do you think is the better method?
  2. On a third run with both PC & RC (cooling water was 35C RC return temp 48C) I experienced a lot of shaking of the still, after collecting 2 lites of 80% and 75% the 3rd litre was cloudy and then the wash came up through the system and puked up in the parrot, collected 2 litres of 30% I switched off and came up to write this.

Any ideas?



  • What power were you throwing at the still, possibly too high so throttle back. Shaking of the still is possibly due to too tight scrubbies packing. Also refluxed vapour / Liquid will be within packing and that could give rise to a gurgling sound.

  • 1 x 3kw and one 3kw at 505 so 4.5 kw on a 40 lit wash with warm cooling water I suppose. I've had a clean up and will loosen up the scrubbers and control the heat better this time. Cheers What do you think with the PC and RC together on these stripping runs ?

  • As a matter of interest, what are you trying to do with the apple distillation ... aiming for a vodka or Calvedos or aged product etc. ??

    Presently we also distill apple cider and distill only for draught gin and tonic production in kegs ... have a remaining apple cider stock level of approx 15,000L at 7%

  • Vodka, then a Gin. We're doing a 1000 Lit of apple juice this time and see how we go from there. Based in NZ might be a bit of a problem? Until we increase the kettle it's been a bit of a battle getting this lot done....fun though !

  • Take the scrubbers out of the column and use the T’s empty if you want also and do a strip as quick as you can. I only use a 50l keg and 40 l wash and throw more power than that at it ( mind you I have 5 inch strip column). You don’t want any reflux with a strip so as long as your pc is reasonable size should be ok.

    I don’t strip cider though so don’t know about that bit. Strip in pot still mode with no restrictions in the column at all. After that you have done all that then you can go back to a reflux situation for the product run.

  • Try a couple tbsp of EV olive oil. Seriously. I put some in when transferring my wash to the fermentation tanks so I dont forget. If your puking foam that will mitigate it.

  • What is the upside to EVOO? Wouldn't a neutral vegetable oil work just as well?

  • I'm a Wop... I have biases. lol

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