Simple CM Still

Not exactly world shocking news, but I've built a simple cheap CM still with StillDragon parts:

  • 1,5m (3x50cm) 2" pipe, filled with stainless steel scrubbers (no filter disk or anything below)
  • 2" Big Baby Dephlegmator
  • 2" 180 degree bend
  • 2" product condensor (long but short will be fine too)
  • Optional: couple of thermometers in various thermowells (deplegmator water temp out, 180 degree bend, product condenser water temp out)

Result: ABV 95.5% (191 proof) from a +/- 7% charge. Success!


  • nice job! The beaut thing about a modular system is that you also have everything you need for a pot still eg. 1x 50cm spool, 180 degree bend and long condenser! cheers!

  • Very true! And indeed most of the parts I already had for a potstill.

    A few further remarks (as this is the Beginner's section):

    • for a potstill it's better to get the LONG condenser, as you don't have a dephlegmator removing some of the heat earlier on
    • 1x 50cm (20") pipe for the column is long enough for a simple potstill, although I tend to use two of those. However for a Cooling Management still (CM) you want AT LEAST 1m (40") of filled column, but preferably more. 1.5m (60") works fine as shown.
  • Your 180 degree bend does not allow you to change the angle of the PC, may or may not be an issue for you.

  • @kimbodious said: Your 180 degree bend does not allow you to change the angle of the PC, may or may not be an issue for you.

    3 90's does, FYI, and also allows a bit of horizontal movement..

  • @kimbodious : Why would I want to do that? The product condensor works best when it's vertical, and with 1,5m of column it won't reach the boiler. And you keep the weight above the boiler. If you want to move the collected product further to the side use a piece of silicon hose or use 3/4" triclamp pipe with a 45 degree bend from the product collector.

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    @squeakyclean said: kimbodious : Why would I want to do that?

    Flexibility and convenience as far a where you want to put your collection vessels but also safety if you are using gas for your heating but seems like you've got that covered with the silicon hose or the 45 degree bend thing.

  • That's a good one - I sometimes forget people are using gas for heating... With 2" columns I use a T500 boiler with StillDragon 2" tri-clamp weldless bulkhead fitting. I do have to support the column from the side to keep the lid from flexing.

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